America’s Health Group President Jason Price Discusses the Most Common Mistakes Made When Buying Health Insurance

America’s Health Group President Jason Price

The average American will purchase health insurance multiple times throughout their life. Choosing a new health insurance plan can be challenging, especially when it comes to comparing different plans and sorting through the numerous variables each plan has. Jason Price, president of America’s Health Group has over 10 years experience in the health insurance industry and understands the difficulties many of his customers have faced throughout their health insurance journeys. Jason Price of America’s Health Group hopes to shed some light on the best practices of choosing health insurance plans by discussing the most common mistakes he has seen individuals make. Below, America’s Health Group president Jason Price will discuss the most common mistakes Americans make when purchasing health insurance and the best ways to avoid making these mistakes in the future.

Focusing only on the premium and deductible

Often times, American’s will only focus on premiums and deductibles when choosing their new healthcare plans. While premium and deductibles are extremely important and a major factor in future healthcare bills, they are a number of other variables that must be considered when choosing a well-tailored plan. For example, it is important to throughly check surgical procedure coverage and other costs.

Avoiding Prescription Drug Coverage

It is a common misconception that not paying for prescription drug coverage is a easy way to save health care costs. However, prescription medication can greatly vary in costs and can quickly add up in multiple prescriptions are needed each month. To avoid unexpected costs in the future, Jason Price of America’s Health Group recommends individuals either purchasing separate prescription drug coverage or ensuring their heath insurance policy covers prescription drugs.

Failing to Use Insurer’s Preferred Pharmacy or Mail-Order Service

A number of commercial healthcare plans and Medicare Part D plans have negotiated with specific retail pharmacies and mail-order services to reduce prescription costs for their members. A number of healthcare providers have greatly reduced generic perceptions for high-blood pressure this way, allowing members to purchase these prescriptions for as little as a penny at certain pharmacies. Those who take generic drugs regularly for chronic conditions are encouraged to ask their health care provider if they have a preferred pharmacy or mail order service.

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