The Biggest Areas Military Veterans Need Help With

Americas Health Group Jason Price

America’s Health Group’s, Jason Price knows all about a communities most pressing issues and charitable needs. The Price Family Foundation believes that some of the most pressing issues surrounds special needs education, foster care adoption, and animal humane society funding, as well as taking care of our veterans. The mission of the Price Family Foundation is “Helping Good People Do Good Things.” Within the upcoming years, Price Family Foundation hopes to not only aid their local charity organizations, but also to inspire other residents within the community to do the same. Providing military veterans with things they need is one of those things.

Some of the biggest areas military veterans need help with are medical care, education and job training, and employment. A returning solider or recent veteran benefit from help in these three areas, and which service they use depends on their circumstances whether they are redeploying with their unit, being re-integrated into civilian life, or undergoing rehabilitation for significant trauma.

For those soldiers who are returning with injuries, an independent network of service providers can help with recovery and transition back to civilian This can be a network made up of federal programs, assistance from state and local governments, non-profit groups, church congregants, neighbors, friends, and family. Ideally, this network would treat acute and chronic medical needs, then provide rehabilitation services, and finally help veterans gain and maintain useful employment.

Most state-level employment programs for veterans with disabilities require some sort of an Individualized Education Plan as part of the re-employment process. These plans consider the strengths and weaknesses of the job candidate before placing them into a customized program of rehabilitation, education, or training. Since the state rates the individual’s disability on whether they can perform their job duty’s or not, being able to help break this barrier for veterans who can perform work duties is something they need help with. This is one of those pressing issues Jason Price sees and is trying to change for our veterans.

Veterans that have returned who are not completely disabled and can work, want to get back to work and a normal life. If the job requires any continued education, then they should be able to get that kind of education without any hassle. Knowing the concerns around this issue, Jason continues to build a community of people who are willing to help these veterans out and give them the resources they need to let them continue living a life that is normal.

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